This game makes you feel like you’re in the pit of the stock exchange… well, kind of.  You’ll make good trades, bad trades and time-wasting trades, but trade you must, because the market will be closing anytime.

This game has a special deck of cards and a bell.  The cards are labeled with different types of grain commodities, Wheat, Oats and Rye to name a few.  Once the cards have been dealt the players quickly arrange their hands for trade.  The market opens with a ring of the bell.  Players must act quickly to trade their cards either singly, or in pairs of 2-4, to other players.  There’s just one catch… you cannot talk about which commodity you’re trading, you can only call out the number of cards you have for trade!

This game tends to be a loud one as each player tries to out shout other bidders, indicating the number of cards available for trade, hoping to make a good deal.  When a player has collected all the cards of one commodity, they ring the bell to close the market.  No more trading after the bell!

Players with complete hands when the market closes earn points, and you need points to win this game! – By Gracine McFie

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