The Game of Life

Talk about luck…and talk about the game of life!  Everything about it is based on luck…but oh, what a glorious game!  The game board unfolds to reveal a road where cars will wildly drive.  In and out of cities, over mountains and bridges, the wheel spinning all the while to reveal the fate or fortune of each.

When we inherited the 1960 version of this game several years ago, the original box with the rules had been lost.  My mom taught us how to play from the rules she remembered and from there we added, subtracted and refined rules of our own, creating our beloved version of the game.

Up until last month we dared not replace our much used and highly dilapidated board because the new versions are just not the same. (For one thing, they don’t let you buy life insurance!) Imagine our delight, just days before Christmas, to discover that the reprint of the original 1960 version was available through Amazon. We replaced the game right away!

Upon looking at the actual rules to the game, we found a few new rules we could add.  But when it came down to playing the game, we all agree we prefer the rules we’ve made up for ourselves over the years.  An family discussion recently revealed, some of our cousins also prefer the McFie version.  😉

The Game of Life is great for children and adults alike.  Young children may need assistance when it comes to calculating the right amount of money required for a purchase, or the correct sum of an inheritance.  And, of course, you may need to be extra kind when you land on the Revenge space, but all in all this is a fantastic family game … one we highly enjoy and recommend.

If you have, or will be getting the 1960 game version, and want the McFie Rules, email me and I’ll send you a copy 🙂 – By Gracine McFie

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