My Faith

At the age of 8 years old, I believed that God had sent His son, Jesus Christ, to the world, born of a virgin, to pay the penalty for man’s sin and restore man to a right relationship with God.

I accepted this atonement for my sin and ever since, with a freed and grateful heart ever, I have had a consciousness that my life reflects this relationship. Any short coming and fault in purity is purely my own, as I am not a perfected creature yet but am being perfected each day.

I still struggle with the sinful nature inherited by man since the original sin, but I know in Him who I believe, and I know that He will continue to save me from this sinful nature.

What a heart of gratefulness I have, and what a difference this makes on how I see the world and how I act.

When Tom and I first met, we soon discovered that though our religious backgrounds varied, we shared the same faith. We also both wanted to have a large family. Though we didn’t have a specific number of children in mind, we rejoice to consider that God has blessed us in that desire.

Now, as a mother of 8, many people often ask if we're Mormon or Catholic. The answer is: "No." So, what are we? We're plain vanilla Christians... we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God and our savior. We read the Bible, and we try to live by it.

In each aspect of life we endeavor to have our actions reflect our love and service for God: Our loving marriage, the raising of each of our children, individually, the nurturing of our family as a unit, interaction with extended family, our neighbors and our business contacts, customers and clients. We serve God by serving others.

We speak, write, and act with joy…in hope that you might recognize and enjoy the fact that you are full of creativity…given to you by your Creator, and can create a life worth living and full of lasting beauty.

If you are coming from a similar background, we have this in common. And I hope some of the things I share with you will help you too.