Eyebrows… Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Did you know that you can “speak” without speaking? You can! Well…sort of.

Up above your eyes are two rows of hairs called your eyebrows.  Though not serving as vital of functions as your liver, heart, kidney, lungs and other internal organs, they do have a purpose.

Your eyebrows are placed on your face in such a way that they protect your eyes. When sweat or water comes rolling down your forehead, your eyebrows divert this flow off to the side of your face. Diverting the flow keeps your vision from being interrupted. And they act as filters, preventing dust and dirt from getting in your eyes.

Your eyebrows also help you “speak” without speaking by adding to your facial expressions! Try to look amazed…your eyebrows will raise. Look stern…your eyebrows will furrow. It is amazing what a host of expressions you can give with your eyebrows!

Here is an eyebrow raising fact: Eyebrows are an important part of your identity. According to a study by MIT[1], it is easier to recognize pictures of faces without eyes than without eyebrows! Who would have guessed?

This is just another proof that we all are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

-By Steven McFie


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