Your Skin… Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

That’s right, your skin is an organ.  And as an organ, it is classified as everything that covers your body, including hair and fingernails.

Your skin is rather heavy…about 16% of your entire body weight. Even though it’s heavy, your skin is very thin. At its thickest point, which is on the bottom of your feet, it is 1.5mm thick…about the thickness of a grain of rice. At the thinnest place, your eyelids, its only 0.5mm.

Your skin is unique, just like everyone else’s skin. At the tips of your fingers you can find what is known as your fingerprint, which is unlike any other fingerprint in the world. Even identical twins have different fingerprints! The tiny ridges of your fingerprint serve to create more friction whenever you pick something up, giving you a better grip.

And here’s a wild fact, something you’d never guess: Your skin completely renews itself every 27 days! Even during this complete change, your fingerprints remain the same. That’s amazing!

Considering your skin alone, it’s easy to see that you are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

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