Teeth… Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Here’s something to chew on:  The hardest substance anywhere in your body is found in your teeth. No surprise though, when you stop to think how much these hard and bony things do for you.

Your tooth is made up of four main parts. The enamel, the dentin, the pulp and the root. The enamel is the hardest substance in your body. The enamel covers your tooth, providing it protection.  The dentin (notice this word looks quite a bit like the word dentist) is right beneath your enamel.  Dentin comes in different shades of yellow, and since your enamel is almost translucent, it is the dentin that gives your tooth color. Dentin serves to support your enamel, and also to protect the very soft and sensitive pulp.

The pulp is where the nerve and blood supply come to your tooth to keep it strong and healthy.

Like an iceberg, most of your tooth is unseen. Which brings us to the root of the matter. The root of your tooth reaches way down into your jawbone, safely and securely anchoring your tooth.

With your teeth firmly anchored to your jawbone, and your jawbone coupled to the most powerful muscle in your body (the masseter) your food doesn’t stand a chance!

So… next time you use your teeth, think of who designed them, and made them so Fearfully and Wonderfully!

-By Steven McFie

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