Bones… Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Bones, bones, bones…what about bones?

If you’re an adult you have about 206 bones. We have to say “about” because here and there, from person to person, it may differ. A baby is born with about 300 bones. So, what happens to all those bones before they reach adulthood?! Do they lose them? Get rid of them? Hide them in the closet, for nobody to find???

No, certainly not. As a baby, and then a child, grows, some of their bones join together (a process called fusing) creating one bone.

The biggest bone is found in your thigh. It’s called the femur. Not only is it the largest of all your bones being about a quarter of your height, it’s also the strongest being almost as hard as concrete. And believe it or not, it’s hollow.

The smallest of all of your bones? It’s found in your ear, and this little, itty-bitty bone is called the stapes. They say the stapes isn’t even as long as a grain of rice. Wonder if that’s long grain or short grain? Either way, it’s pretty tiny.

The hands and feet alone contain more than half of your bones. With 26 bones in each foot and 27 bones in each hand; there’s a total of 106 bones just in your hands and feet.

Lots of bones surround and protect your spinal cord. They make up your spinal column. Your ribs protect your heart and lungs.

And don’t forget your skull…it protects your head so you can use your noggin for things like learning about your bones and appreciating that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

-By Steven McFie

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