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The Day I Got Sick

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This is a story about a boy that wakes up feeling sick, so he goes to the doctor and gets a pill that makes him feel better. But before he knows it, the pill stops working and he feels even worse, so he goes back to the doctor and this time he gets a vaccination. And while the vaccination is “supposed to” keep him from getting sick, he gets sick again.  Another visit to the doctor reveals surgery is needed. That’s when a lady refers him to the chiropractor.

The boy comes to realize that what his body needs most is to stay well adjusted so that it can properly fight sickness, and that drugs and surgery are for emergencies and accidents.

I’m particularly excited about this book, The Day I Got Sick, because not only is it an excellent book that children and adults will enjoy together, but it also teaches about how to properly use drugs at the right time and in the right situation. Maybe children that really take the message to heart now will never have a prescription drug abuse problem that is sadly become more and more prevalent.


• 41 page, full-color illustrations

• 11″ x 8.125″

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