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Grandma’s Coffee Can

Grandma’s Coffee Can is a fun little book based on a true story of their great, great grandmother and her neighbor who was always “borrowing” coffee from her. My daughters, Gracine and Anna, wrote this book for children, and Anna drew the illustrations.


  • 61 pages, full-color illustrations
  • 9.25″ x 6.75″
  • BONUS: Discussion Questions listed in the back of the book.

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  -Renalyn Juanola, CA

My children thoroughly enjoyed reading Grandma’s Coffee Can, even multiple times. We enjoyed discussing the timeless lessons in the entertaining story. My husband and I grew up in families who never really discussed the value of managing money or the meaning of true wealth. I’m happy that we’re changing that for our children. We’re hoping for more books to come. -Renalyn Juanola, CA

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