Lemonade Tag

Not only is it a drink, Lemonade is also a game!

To play Lemonade, you’ll need an open area. This time of year, a yard or park would be an ideal place. You’ll also need a minimum of six players.  The players are divided into two teams… Team A and Team B.  Each team lines up, facing each other, similar to a frontline football lineup, but with a space of 15 feet or more between the teams.  Lines or markers of some type should be used.   Next, Team A holds a powwow and picks an occupation to portray:  painters, farmers, nurses…whatever occupation team A picks, that’s what Team B must guess!

After Team A has agreed on the occupation, they march across to Team B for the following chanted exchange:

Team B:  “What’s your trade?”

Team A:  “Lemonade!”

Team B:  “Show us some, if you’re not afraid!”

After the chant, Team A must demonstrate their occupation without saying a word.   Players from Team B start guessing occupations.  The moment Team B guesses the correct occupation, it’s a mad dash for Team A to run back across their home line before players from Team B tag them.   If any players from Team A are tagged before they cross the home line, they’ll become part of Team B.

Play rotates between the teams until one team has no remaining players.

Refreshing drinks of Lemonade are always a hit at the end of this game! -By Gracine McFie

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