Preparing Grapefruit… the Simple Way

A Recipe for Grapefruit… not a recipe for baking, broiling, roasting or poaching…but our favorite preparation for eating this delicious fruit. Sweet and juicy; that’s what it is! You know it’s got to be good since all eight of our kids never knew a time when they didn’t like it.

High in vitamins C, A, E and B6, grapefruit have been proven to strengthen the immune response. Just ½ of a grapefruit provides 78% of your daily vitamin C needs. It’s no wonder a common question in our house when someone is under-the-weather is, “Do we have any grapefruit?”

Working on some after the holiday splurge resolutions? Grapefruit boosts your metabolism rate allowing you to burn fat even while resting. Sounds like a pretty good claim to fame! In a study reported in the Journal of Medicinal Food, people who ate ½ of a grapefruit prior to each meal, without any other dietary changes, lost over 3 pounds in a 12-week time period.

Studies report that grapefruit help repair DNA damage and especially reduce the risk of the body from developing cancers of the bladder, breast, esophagus, colon, stomach and prostate. Pink and red grapefruit contain Lycopene, an antioxidant that inhibits cancer growth.

Grapefruit is in season now, so let’s bring it on!

Here’s the quick rundown:  With a sharp knife, cut the grapefruit around the “equator”. Remove visible seeds. Using a sharp paring knife, starting at the center of one of the halves, slit along each side of each divider segment. Slit all the way around the fruit, in a circle, along the inside edge of the white part of the rind, slicing away the white part of the rind. Next, put the grapefruit in your palm and turn the fruit towards your bowl, palm side down. Squeeze until all the flesh and juice are emptied into the bowl, using your knife to detach any clinging segments. (Your mouth may be watering now.) Remove any remaining seeds, and enjoy!

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