Wise Man, Foolish Man


“Wise Man, Foolish Man” is a card game that features thirteen characters from the book of Proverbs. Some of the characters are wise, and some are foolish. Each character has four traits.

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“Wise Man, Foolish Man” is a card game that features thirteen characters from the book of Proverbs.  Some of the characters are wise, and some are foolish.  Each character has four traits.

Throughout the game players will become familiar with the qualities of the Wise, Prudent and Faithful while also learning how to recognize the Angry, Foolish and Naive.  Each card features a verse from Proverbs about that specific character.

Learning about character traits in this game helps players recognize wise men and foolish men in real life.  This game is for children who can read, teens and parents who like to have fun.

This game is wholesome entertainment for families and friends. Expect to get years of fun from this deck of 52 cards. (directions for play are included)


Directions for Play:

The deck consists of 52 cards.  There are 13 suits with 4 description cards in each suit. Each card has a specific suit printed in blue or red with a description right below the suit.  The descriptions for the remaining cards in the suit are listed at the bottom of each card.

Object of the Game:  To be the player with the most collected books at the end of the game.

Dealing: Shuffle the entire deck and deal five cards to each player.  Place the remaining cards face down on the table.  This is the “draw” pile.

Play: The player to the left of the dealer begins the game.  He/she reads the suit and description from one of the cards in their hand and then asks another player for a specific description card in the same suit.   Example: “I have a Liar: Pretends To Be Joking, do you have Harms People?” The player to whom this request is made, must examine his cards and hand over the requested card if it is in his possession. If the request is met, the player may make another request from any other player. If the player to whom this request is made does not have the requested card, the original player must take the top card from the “draw” pile.  This ends their turn with one exception.

Exception:  If a player receives the card they requested from the draw pile, they get another turn to request a card from any player.

Running out:  If a player runs out of cards, he must immediately take another card from the draw pile, even if it is not his turn.  The game ends when there are no cards left in the draw pile and all the players are out of cards.

Scoring:  When a player collects four cards of the same suit, this is called a book.  Anytime during play, completed books should be removed from a players hand and set face up on the table in front of the player  At the end of the game, the player with the most books is the winner.

Easy Version: When playing with young children, the description rule may be excluded.  Example:  “I have a Liar, do you have a Liar?” All other rules remain the same.

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