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My Most Memorable Valentines’ Day

Many might think that the Bright Cherry Red SUV Tom bought me for Valentines’ Day in 2012 would be the most memorable celebration of the Day. But that would not be so.

The most memorable Valentines’ Day for me was in 2001…actually it wasn’t the exact day but rather a period of time. Let me tell you why my memory is a bit fuzzy.

Valentines’ Day in 2001 found me watching over my six very sick children between the ages of 9 and 3 months.  You no sooner soothe one child when another is demanding all your attention, couple this with a nursing baby, restless/sleepless nights and you see why I was in a bit of a fuzzy state of mind.

One particular evening during this episode of illness Tom and I determined that we would not expect to lay down in bed that night. Tom didn’t need to go to the office the next day, so we figured that we could relieve each other for naps during the daylight hours. The nights before had found us sleeping like jack-in-the-boxes. Lying down for just a few minutes only to jump up to the next cries. Finally it was realized that the fantasy of being able to lay down was self-defeating and the energy needed to rise up again was more than was gained by the few moments in the prone position.

Amazingly enough once we decided we’d stay just up, I believe we were both actually able to lay down that night and sleep for about an hour.  That hour was treasured and then we each found our selves in a rocker/recliner with a young girl in our arms…he the two year old and me the 3 month old nursling. When the  nursling had finished eating and grown dissatisfied in my arms, we’d trade.

And here is the most memorable “Valentines’”.  Tom and I considered that we were having a date night…right in our very own home. We’d rest a little bit sitting up, but mostly we just rocked and talked. We found that when we were relaxed the girls slept better. And we had the most wonderful time talking. I don’t even remember what we talked about now…that’s not the important thing. Ask either of us about our “Date Night” and that’s what we’ll think of.

Many couples think that they have to have romantic settings away from home, away from the kids in order to connect and fire up their romance. And although opportunities like that may present themselves, it’s possible to connect and find cherished time together even in adverse circumstances.

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