“Categories” is a fun party game.  Similar to Pictionary and Charades, this game has players giving and guessing clues.

To play, each player is given one or two small papers (depending on the size of the group). Each player writes a category across the top of their paper. Categories might include:  Cosmetics, Hardware, Insects, Famous People…you get the idea. Next, players secretly list seven items for each category.  For example, the Hardware category might include nuts, bolts, and screws.  Once the items are listed, the players fold and initial their papers. Players may not use their own papers during the game.

All papers are placed in a hat and the players divide into two teams.   A player from the first team, the “giver”, chooses one of their team members to be the “guesser”. Then the giver draws a paper, announces the category, and a timer is started for 60 seconds.  During this time, the giver, without saying the names of the items listed, must give clues to the guesser.  The guesser must guess items based on the clues provided.

Play rotates between the teams until all the category papers are used.

This game is such fun…you just might be adding it to your list of favorites too! -By Gracine McFie

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