April Fool’s Day “Flower Pot” Cake

Having a little fun, where there’s no harm done, is alright with me! In considering a recipe for  April the family said I had to make a flowerpot cake…in celebration of April Fools’ Day. Really???

Okay, so how come when you know a joke it seems, at least in your own mind, that everyone already knows it? Or you’re trying to keep a surprise, and deep down you just know that the surprise has already been guessed? That’s how I feel right now. I feel like everyone knows how to make a flowerpot cake.

A quick…I mean really quick–very superficial, because I have to get this article written, search on Google told me that maybe I was wrong! Maybe flower pot cake wasn’t as famous as I thought it was. And maybe, just maybe this recipe might serve a worthy purpose after all.

You see, Google first suggested a flower pot cake production with fondant. Wow, it was gorgeous! But while I learned to decorate cakes when I was a teenager, which has served this mother well over the years, fondant wasn’t around back then…a

nd truth is, well I’m just not that interested in it. Google also suggested that I could go out and buy mini clay flower pots in which I could bake individual cakes, thank you Martha Stewart whose free membership window is now waiting to be closed on my screen, but that’s more involved than I want to get. Really cute idea…but I want easy, besides it’s an April Fools’ Day cake!

You see, April Fools’ Day isn’t big on my list of holidays, but I do like to tease a bit. Mom has to turn things upside down every now and again, just to shock the kids into finding out she’s really, after all, quite a fun person…and, who knows, but maybe she even has a messy sock drawer!

So, you’ll get my version of Flower Pot Cake. (Notice that since it’s now the official newsletter recipe, it’s capitalized.) But actually, there isn’t a recipe…just a list of what you’ll need and some assembly instructions. Easy. There’s one thing that isn’t quite so easy, though. And that is, getting some “alone” time to put the cake together…this is essential. Otherwise, well, it just doesn’t have the same effect!

What you need:

Chocolate cake…I’m going to bake one from scratch because that’s what I always do, it’s easy for me, and I think it’s the best tasting option. You can do the same or you can make it from a box mix or pick something up from the store. It doesn’t matter to me…it’s your “fools”, and I won’t tell. Slice the cake in cube shapes…or break apart in bite sized pieces.

Chocolate pudding…again, I’m going to make my own because of all the reasons I gave before. You can too or you can use a mix or pre-made pudding, whatever you want.

Chocolate cookies…Oreos…or some kind of chocolate sandwich cookie. No, I don’t make Oreos, so I will be buying chocolate sandwich cookies. You are going to process a few of these in a food processer, or blender or crumble somehow until they look like potting soil.

Gummy worms…I will be buying these. I don’t make them…not ever. I could go out to the garden…but no, I wouldn’t. This is harmless, fun…or as near harmless as gummy worms can be.

Candy rocks…I just thought this one up! (Actually…I think I saw them on a picture of Martha Stewart’s cute little pots.) I’ve never added these before, so don’t tell my family. Oh, never mind, they will have already eaten the sample I make for the video. Lol, that will be fun. (My eyes are dancing!)

A planter…you know, just a round planter like you would put a small houseplant in. You don’t want it to be too big because you’re going to fill it with cake and pudding. So, unless you’re feeding an army, consider the size of your pot!

A silk plant or flower…not too big, you want this to be able to stand up in the cake.

And that’s it, just plain and simple.

Next, assembly. Make sure everyone is away!

  1. Layer pieces of cake, spoonfuls of pudding, sprinkles of cookie and gummy worms, here and there in the pot.
  2. When you reach the top of the pot, sprinkle crushed chocolate cookies on the top, covering the entire surface.
  3. Insert your plant or flower into the cake.
  4. Place a few rocks on top of the cookie crumbles.

Now you’re ready to set the pot on the table or on a kitchen counter nearby. After dinner, won’t the young ones be surprised to see you serve up spoonfuls of dirt for dessert, right out of the planter!

The very youngest of ones may be confused…or perhaps even horrified just my youngest when he was 2 ½ years old. “Why was Mama putting dirt and gummy worms on his plate?” Your moments of foolishness, dear Mommy, may have to be short lived! Oh well, it’s fun while it lasts. Next time, back to serious dessert!

For special effects while serving, treat yourself to a new trowel and garden gloves. You can re-purpose them later.

*Special note- Some of the family gathered round to watch me prepare Flower Pot Cake for the video. When I was done, everyone came for the dishing of the cake. It’s pretty funny to dish something like that up for dessert. But me, I had the best of times just listening to them recount the “first time” they remember me serving it up. Lots of laughter and fun…and smiles that warmed this mother’s heart. Hope Flower Pot Cake serves you well in dishing up fun times with your family.

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